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The content of this website has been researched and implemented with the utmost care.  However, the possibility of mistakes occurring cannot be eliminated.  Information and corrections should be sent to the above mentioned GrowLive! e-mail admin@growlive.co.za.

GrowLive! makes every effort to ensure that all information provided is correct.  However, we shall not be liable for, nor guarantee that the information on this website is up-to-date, correct or complete. In addition GrowLive! shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, which may be incurred as a result of using the content provided on this site.

The content offered by external hyperlinks mentioned on this website is excluded from all guarantees. GrowLive! is not responsible for, nor can it influence, the content of third party sites.  The information provided on external websites, for which GrowLive! provides a hyperlink, does not represent the opinions of GrowLive!.  They are only sources of information and GrowLive! shall not be liable or responsible for the content of these external websites.  The responsibility for content provided on external websites lies with the provider.  You are subject to that sites disclaimer when you leave our site.

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The material offered on the website of GrowLive! is protected by copyright. Therefore anyone who wishes to use the content in any form, other than that provided for, requires the permission of GrowLive!. The material provided is not official material in terms of the Copyright law.

Legal proceedings will be taken against those who reproduce or pass on, either individual content or complete sites, without permission.
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Privacy Policy
Every access to the content offered by GrowLive!, will be recorded in a log file. The following information will be stored in the log file:
  • User ID
  • Name of accessed file
  • Date and time of access
  • IP Address
The statistical evaluation made of web pages accessed is carried out with the identification of the host IP-address which accessed the content offered by GrowLive! and is not restricted to the sub-domain of the host which accessed GrowLive!. Personal information will not be evaluated, unless it falls within the ambit of the services offered by GrowLive!

The storing and evaluation of data is carried out in accordance with good practice. Your details will be protected, treated confidentially and will not be passed on to a third party, unless specifically allowed by the customer or required to perform the services rendered by GrowLive!.

Unnecessary data will be stored for no longer than 12 months and subsequently deleted, unless a legal requirement suggests differently.
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Communication via E-Mail
Communication via Email can be a security risk. For example E-Mails on their way to GrowLive! staff can be intercepted and read by experienced Internet users. If we get an E-Mail from you, we assume that we are allowed to answer via E-Mail. Otherwise we must explicitly refer you to other forms of communication.
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Rights and Privileges
GrowLive! will be available at all times, subject to the availability of the GrowLive! connection and to any periods required for necessary maintenance of GrowLive!, our service providers or the user account.
The customer authorises GrowLive! to carry out any and all instructions given via GrowLive!, including the submission of assignments, questionnaires and the furnishing of information on the customer, provided that the instructions are authenticated by the use of:
  • the user name and password, for which the customer is personally responsible to keep secret and safe at all times;
  • any other procedures which may be agreed to in writing between the customer and GrowLive!.

    • The customer may not abuse GrowLive! in any way. If the Customer abuses GrowLive!, GrowLive! is entitled, at its discretion, to immediately terminate all services.
      The customer must keep its user name and password secret. The customer must not disclose the user name and password, thereby giving access to any other or unauthorised person. The customer must take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised use of GrowLive! and unauthorised access to the account.
      If the customer suspects that the user name and password has become known to someone else, the customer must immediately notify GrowLive! and immediately change the user name and password.
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Liability for Loss or Damage
The customer acknowledges that the use of the GrowLive! is at the customer's own risk. The customer acknowledges that GrowLive! relies solely on the information supplied by the customer. GrowLive! is not obliged to determine whether this information is correct. GrowLive! will not be responsible for any damage, loss or consequential damage which the customer may suffer as a result of:
  • any malfunction or defect in the hardware used by the customer (which includes the personal computer or cell phone);
  • any defect in the software used by the customer to gain access to GrowLive!;
  • any act or omission by the Internet or Cell Phone Service Provider or any defect in GrowLive!,
  • or any other medium by which access is gained to the system;
  • GrowLive! being off-line or unavailable; any industrial action;
  • any other circumstances not reasonably within GrowLive!'s control;
  • erroneous, unauthorized, incomplete, or unlawful instructions from the customer;
  • unlawful or unauthorised access by another person(s);
  • GrowLive!'s failure to send Reminder Notices; and
  • incorrect or late execution or non-execution of any instruction given by the customer, due to the circumstances set out in above.
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Disclaimer: Any person using the sites www.oge.co.za, www.growlive.co.za and/or any other site not listed, which belong to OGE - Organisational Growth Enhancement cc, for any reason whatsoever, subject themselves knowingly to and is in agreement with the following Terms and Conditions.

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