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OGE wins prestigeous International Award
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OGE wins prestigeous International Award

The Award

Every year the training division from Peugeot in France launches a competition for the most innovative and useful training program across all Peugeot subsidiaries in the world.

Process of Selection for the Award

Peugeot France usually select seven training programs, which they think is good, and enter them into the competition. In 2003 they included the OGE Cadet Programme, which we have run for Peugeot South Africa for two years. The seven countries that were included in the 2003 competition were England, Brazil, France, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and Italy. At the annual training convention in Paris in October they showed the DVD they compiled of every one of the seven training programs. It was then up to the countries to select the training program they liked best and thought to be the most useful and innovative. I am proud to say that South Africa won the competition. Therefore our Cadet Program can be regarded as a world class training programme.

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